Xnasu Clothing Reviews: Can It be Trusted for Real?

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Xnasu Clothing Reviews: Can It be Trusted for Real?

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Are you in search of an online store that will meet all your fashion requirements? Looking through various websites for the perfect dress from top to bottom, is an exhausting alternative. Sometimes you discover a gorgeous top in a boutique but can’t find the perfect bottoms or jeans. 

It’s a hassle. If you’re shopping online and you want to pay for delivery costs for both items since they come from different stores. However, clothing retailer xnasu clothing says that they can meet all your requirements. All of the gorgeous dresses are just a few clicks away.

The Xnasu clothing store is an online shop which sells women’s dresses coats, jackets and sweaters tops, two-pieces and much more

. You can search for it, they’ve got it. However, you cannot believe in any online retailer by just looking at their site filled with beautiful images. So, relax. We’ve got everything covered for you.

This review you’ll see his store’s customer comments, pros and cons. Stay tuned to find out more about this store.

How to Buy Clothes Online That Fit?

Xnasu Clothing Reviews: Can It be Trusted for Real?

Therefore, purchasing clothes on an online store is a ploy. A lot of people complain about getting the wrong size dress that never fit. We will assist you by providing this information. If you’ve purchased on the internet, you’ve probably considered the size chart. It’s your ultimate goal. Follow the steps below, and refer to the size chart (from where you purchase).

Xnasu Clothing Reviews

The Xnasu Company is the corporate name registered on America. USA. And it is home to its own logistic center at Singapore. Indeed, many online-based retailer of clothing stores have their logistics centers within North America. However, the majority of them are more inclined to Singapore. What is the reason for this? They’ve stated in their site that they favor the global delivery system and have a capacity.

This Xansu Clothing store never was closed until the year 2015. The name is playing as the maker and supplier. Their factories are located in the Philippines and Vietnam producing clothing for various famous brands. However, according to the agreement on service, they can’t divulge the name of the brand. Xansu designers and employees have designed dresses for millions of women over the past decade.

Xnasu Dresses Review

The store has a selection of gorgeous dresses, ranging from mid-length to long, and there are mini dresses, summer dresses, winter clothes, and more. The store utilizes five percent elastane, and 65percent rayonfor casual clothes 40 percent elastane with 60% for winter dresses. The primary fabric is made of rayon and elastane. The percentages vary according to the dress. It is possible to purchase the identical dresses at other stores online, and the prices are the same. These dresses are currently being sold out, and you can enjoy an additional 10 percent discount by signing up.


What is the time it will take to get this item?

It can take anywhere from one to two weeks.

Does anyone offer cost-free shipping?

Yes, you are eligible for free shipping on purchases of $150 or higher.

Do you have any coupons for discounts?

Yes, you are able to enjoy the benefit of a reduction of about 5 percent by using the coupon code Save5.

Xnasu Clothing Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

Feedback from customers is essential for anyone who wants to rate something as either good or poor. It is always recommended to read the feedback of other customers prior to buying from an online retailer.

On their official website We haven’t found any reviews or feedback from customers. If you had your own business in 2015, it was necessary to collect feedback from customers on your website. On the Instagram account there’s a review by a buyer wearing dresses of Xansu. The buyer appears to be satisfied and content with the service and the quality. We haven’t found any comments from users on their Facebook accounts.

We’ve received a great deal of user feedback in our Trust pilot. There are 59 percent of favorable reviews and 20 percent of negative reviews. Let’s look it up.

Happy Buyers

One customer reported that the fabric ” Fits perfectly.” The fabric is extremely soft and comfortable and she’d buy from this retailer again. One of the customers reported they were pleased with the shopping experience. The delivery and site were easy. Also, they kept the customer updated throughout the process. One Trust Pilot user gave five stars and wrote, “I love the dress, and it is comfy and cool.”

Unhappy buyers

However, some customers had an unpleasant experience with this company. One buyer left it with just two stars. The buyer stated that ” What you get is not what you see.” The shipping was good However, these were a bit expensive for the quality they offered.

Here’s another review by the customers ” Good BUT order duplicated and not able to receive a refund without excessive hassle. The prices, delivery as well as service were all good However, they delivered and charged the same item twice, something the buyers weren’t able to purchase. The customer is waiting for buyer’s response.

A user who has given one star as she was not able to examine exactly what she bought. She’s looking for an exchange or refund.


There are mixed reviews of the company, the price discount, as well as the products that are attractive. About 79 percent of customers are satisfied with their purchase, while 20 percent aren’t happy and the remainder say that it’s typical. We advise you to do your research before purchasing from any brand new online store.

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