Watchandtag.Com Review:Netflix Video Tagger Job 2022: Scam! Beware!!

You are currently viewing Watchandtag.Com Review:Netflix Video Tagger Job 2022: Scam! Beware!!

Watchandtag.Com Review:Netflix Video Tagger Job 2022: Scam! Beware!!

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What is Watchandtag.Com internet site?

Watchandtag.Com Review:Netflix Video Tagger Job 2022: Scam! Beware!!

Watchandtag placed at Watchandtag.Com is a deceptive internet site that says that it may make you a Netflix video tagger, but that is fake as it isn’t always a true Netflix tagger task website.

It is without a doubt a internet site with attackers that could trick you into doing something risky like installing software program or revealing your personal statistics (as an instance, passwords, phone numbers, or credit playing cards.

What It Means To Be A Netflix Tagger

The Netflix Video tagger process certainly entails watching a video and and labeling them correctly so that after a person searches for a specific sort of video, it pops proper up. Example of such is when you look for “a love film with a sad ending”, what happens is a member of of Netflix makes certain you get your desired results. This is basically what the job of a Netflix tagger includes.

Watchandtag.Com And How It Works

Scammers are the usage of this internet site in addition to fastsidehustles.Com to trick victims into touring phishing websites, with claims and guarantees that they are able to become a Netflix tagger. The claims are that all you need to do is watch and tag a few Netflix shows and you then have $50 payout for every video. They declare that this could function a facet hustle, however that is all scam and such a lot of humans have fallen sufferer to scams like this.

However there are such a lot of crimson flags in this website that means that it isn’t a reliable internet site, Some discoveries made are:

Reasons why you should not Sign Up With Watchandtag.Com

Watchandtag has so many pink flags and these are reasons why you ought to now not trouble signing up with the website. Some of the Red flags consist of:

Website Creation

The website turned into created recently in November 2022, and expires November 2023, this suggests that it is an smooth disposable internet site, and so it is not straightforward.

Watchandtag.Com Review:Netflix Video Tagger Job 2022: Scam! Beware!!Watchandtag

The Owner Identity Is Hidden

Watchandtag has hidden its proprietor identity. It is suspicious and suggests that Watchandtag.Com is hiding its data from its shoppers. It is also suspicious as true web sites continually provide correct facts on its web site. This is a red flag.

It is Not Affiliated With Netflix

Watchandtag.Com is not in any way connected with Netflix, there’s handiest one website for Netflix task utility and it’s far jobs.Netflix.Com, each other internet site out there is clearly out t scam you..

Formerly Known As Tagandchill

The internet site turned into formerly called tagandchill.Com, however it needed to do a change of call due to the bad reviews on-line approximately it.

Poor/No Security

The website Watchandtag.Com is an unsecure internet site within the feel that it isn’t always secured with Mcafee or Norton. This makes the internet site liable to hackers who can thieve and tamper with Customers personal and financial data.

No Social Media

The website Watchandtag.Com does not have any social media handle, which means it is not to be had on any social media platform, that is suspicious as each proper on-line keep constantly have an active social media presence.

Is Watchandtag.Com Scam Or Legit?

From these important factors stated above, Watchandtag.Com has a variety of pink flags.



From each indications, it’s miles clear that Watchandtag.Com is not a true website. To without difficulty spot rip-off websites, on line shops, on-line shoppers ought to test out the Domain age on Who.Is, Also test the cope with of the shop, if it has provided any, truly copy and paste in Google and Google map could show if it’s far a warehouse or a residential building.

Do this If you have got been Scammed!

Have you been Scammed? Here are some things to do if you’ve been scammed.

Contact your financial institution and and record complaints also request for a brand new debit card. If you used Paypal as a way of fee you need to record the transactions for destiny functions, you could try this by means of retaining a screenshot.

In as a lot as on-line purchasing has made lifestyles less difficult and less complicated, one ought to be careful while ordering things on line to avoid the hazard of a hacked credit score card and overcharged charges. Before ordering things from an online store test out the following.

The website age, A go back deal with, Customer Reviews and its social media presence.

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