Solgaard Review:Why you need to read this before buying

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Solgaard Review:Why you need to read this before buying

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Are you looking for a lightweight, stylish anti-theft backpack? You may have heard of the Solgaard Lifepack and are wondering if it is right for you.

This blog post will review the features of the Solgaard Lifepack, comparing it to other anti-theft backpacks on the market, so that you can make an informed decision about whether this is the right bag for your needs.

Read on to learn more about the Solgaard Lifepack and find out if it is the perfect fit for you.

Overview of Solgaard

Solgaard Review:Why you need to read this before buying

Solgaard is a luggage and travel accessories brand that began in 2016, when the founder realized there was no perfect bag on the market. Since then, the company has launched many products with the Lifepack as its core, featuring speakers, drop-proof laptop storage, and more.

Solgaard focuses on sustainability and ethical production, eliminating single use plastics from its product range and supply chain entirely. In 2019, the brand revealed its SHORE-TEXTM proprietary fabric and accessories collection made entirely of recycled ocean plastics.

All products are designed to travel the world and are available worldwide.


If you’re looking for the perfect travel essentials to make your next trip more comfortable and stylish, look no further than Solgaard. This brand offers a wide variety of suitcases, bags, and accessories that are made from durable and functional materials.

Solgaard prides itself on using high quality materials that last for years and come with a 10 year warranty. Furthermore, all Solgaard products come with eco-friendly shipping packaging and every purchase saves 229 plastic bottles from the ocean.

To top it off, Solgaard offers free continental US shipping on orders over $100. So if you’re looking for a reliable, stylish, and eco-friendly way to pack your belongings for your next journey, then Solgaard is the perfect choice.

Solgaard Luggage Review

The Carry-On Closet Plus by Solgaard is designed to be your go-to suitcase for your weekend trips. It has enough space for all your clothes, shoes, and other personal items. The integrated closet system ensures that you will have plenty of room to store everything you need.

The 360-degree spinner wheels make it easy to navigate through the airport while the lightweight and durable construction ensures your possessions will stay safe.
The Carry-On Closet is another great suitcase from Solgaard that offers the same benefits of the Carry-On Closet Plus but in a slightly smaller size.

This makes it perfect for shorter trips or if you don’t need as much space. It also features an integrated closet system and 360-degree spinner wheels for smooth mobility.
The Check-In Closet is the largest suitcase in Solgaard’s line-up and perfect for long trips or for large groups of people.

It features ample storage for all your items as well as an integrated closet system. The bag is made from strong and durable materials that are designed to keep your possessions safe.

Solgaard luggage pieces come in three different sizes and provide an array of features to make your travel experience more efficient. Whether you’re looking for a carry-on suitcase for a quick weekend getaway or a check-in suitcase for an extended vacation, Solgaard has the perfect product for you.

With the integrated closet system, strong and durable materials, and 360-degree spinner wheels, you can rest assured that your items will stay secure and your travels will be seamless.

Solgaard Carry-On Closet Plus Review

The Solgaard Carry-On Closet Plus is an ideal choice for travelers looking for maximum organization on the go. This suitcase offers six shelves to pack for 7+ days, a TSA approved three-digit lock, and a USB charging port to keep your electronics charged up.

The sleek indestructible polycarbonate shell keeps your items safe and secure while also providing a stylish look. The frictionless wheels make this bag ultra quiet, while the soft grip handle provides a comfortable hold. With 8 different colors to choose from and a price tag of $285, the Carry-On Closet Plus makes the perfect travel companion.

Solgaard Check-In Closet Review

The Solgaard Check-In Closet is a great travel companion, with plenty of room for all your essentials. With its removable and self-supporting shelving system, you can easily organize and pack your items for the journey. The unbreakable polycarbonate shell gives you peace of mind that your belongings will stay safe during transit, and the 360 degree all terrain wheels makes it easy to maneuver.

Overall, we think this is a great option for those looking for a sturdy, reliable suitcase to take on their next trip. It’s stylish, secure and comes in five different colors, so you can find the perfect one for you. The price tag might be a bit steep, but given its features and quality, it’s worth it.

Solgaard Carry-On Closet Review

The Solgaard Carry-On Closet is a great way to make the most out of a small suitcase. It fits up to 46 liters of clothes, toiletries, and other items, while still being able to fit in an airplane’s overhead bin.
The bag is incredibly well made, with a strong and lightweight aluminum frame and a thick and unbreakable polycarbonate shell.

It also has six levels of shelving, so you can store items conveniently, while also maximizing space.
Additionally, the suitcase comes with a TSA approved three-digit lock, frictionless wheels, and a USB charging port.

Overall, this suitcase is perfect for those who want to maximize their space on the go and get the most out of their carry-on experience. The Carry-On Closet is well worth the investment, coming in at an affordable $265.

Solgaard Backpack Review

The Solgaard backpack range is designed to cater to any travel need. From daily commutes to week-long trips, there’s a Solgaard pack for every traveler. The backpacks are made from premium materials, which are both waterproof and strong.

Additionally, the bags come with tons of thoughtful features that make them ideal for business trips, camping adventures, and much more.
The Solgaard Lifepack is a great anti-theft backpack, equipped with a built-in lock and slashguard technology. It also comes with plenty of organizational pockets, so you can easily store your laptop, iPad, and other items.

With its lightweight and comfortable design, this is the perfect companion for commuters.
If you’re looking for a carry-on bag, the Solgaard Carry-On Closet Plus is ideal. This versatile bag has plenty of room to fit your essentials, plus it can be compressed down to fit into most overhead compartments.

It also features an adjustable shoulder strap and a protective laptop sleeve.
For those who need more space, the Solgaard Check-In Closet is an excellent choice. This larger bag has enough room to store multiple days’ worth of clothes and all the accessories you need for a longer journey.

The bag also comes with trolley straps, so you can easily slide it on top of your suitcase for easy portability.
Lastly, if you’re looking for a more stylish pack for weekend getaways or city exploring, the Solgaard Shore-Tex Daypack is ideal. This sleek bag is made from recycled plastic bottles and is perfect for keeping your essentials organized.

It also has a hidden RFID pocket to protect your important documents.
Overall, Solgaard offers a great selection of backpacks to suit any style and travel need. Whether you’re a business traveler, an adventure seeker, or just looking for a functional bag for everyday use, you’ll find something in the Solgaard collection that fits the bill.

Solgaard Lifepack Backpack Review

The Lifepack Backpack is an ideal choice for students, business professionals, and travelers. It’s roomy enough for a full day’s worth of supplies and has enough organization to keep everything in its place. The backpack is constructed from Shore-TexTM material, which is lightweight and durable.

The bag comes with plenty of storage compartments, including side pockets, a drop-proof laptop sleeve, and a large front pocket. It also has cool features like a patented anti-theft lock with coil design and an integrated USB port for easy charging.

The bag is comfortable to wear for long periods of time and is easy to carry, even when fully loaded. And, if you want to make a statement, it comes in 5 colors to choose from.
Overall, the Solgaard Lifepack Backpack is a great option for everyday use or travel.

It’s roomy, lightweight, and durable—plus it looks good! If you’re looking for a stylish and secure backpack, this one is definitely worth considering.

Solgaard Lifepack Endeavor with closet Review

The Solgaard Lifepack Endeavor with Closet is a great solution for those who want extra space while on the go. It offers the convenience of a backpack with the added benefit of a removable hanging closet. The fabric is made of durable Shore-TexTM, which is both water and stain resistant, as well as drop-proof laptop storage.

The 28L capacity in its compact form and 38L when expanded makes it a great choice for light or extended trips alike.
The removable hanging closet features three spacious compartments that can easily fit everything you need for an overnight stay or a longer trip. From clothing to toiletries, to laptop cords, you’ll find plenty of room.

The bag itself is quite stylish too, with 5 colors to choose from, perfect for business or leisure.

Overall, the Lifepack Endeavor with Closet is an excellent option for anyone who values style and convenience. The quality of the fabric and additional space will give you peace of mind when traveling without worrying about having to lug around a large suitcase.

With a price tag of $225, this is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for an efficient travel bag.

Solgaard Shore-Tex Daypack Review

The Solgaard Shore-Tex Daypack is a great eco-friendly backpack for everyday use. Crafted entirely from recycled ocean plastics, this lightweight and comfortable bag comes in five colors, including navy, olive, black, and gray.

The pack features several unique elements, including a deluxe drop-proof laptop storage and a stand alone structure with a water resistant bottom. It also has extra back support for long term wear and hidden back pockets to store important items such as passports. In addition, the bag offers loads of extra storage and compartments so you’ll never have to search through your belongings.

The Solgaard Shore-Tex Daypack is a great choice if you’re looking for a stylish and eco-friendly backpack that won’t break the bank. It retails for just $115, making it a great value for the quality and features offered.

Solgaard Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Overall, customer reviews of Solgaard products seem to be overwhelmingly positive. It’s clear that customers appreciate the brand’s commitment to using recycled materials, as well as the functional features like the built-in locks and organizational compartments.

With that said, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows — some customers have noted minor defects in the stitching of their bags, as well as some cases of customer service not responding as quickly as they’d hoped. All in all, however, it looks like most people are happy with their purchases and would recommend them to others.

Is Solgaard Legit?

Yes, Solgaard is a legit company. It has a long history in the travel and outdoor industry, with over 6 million pieces of luggage sold since their founding in 2014. They use high-quality materials that are designed to be durable and long-lasting, and their commitment to sustainability is evident in every product they produce.

They have also been featured in popular publications such as Forbes, The New York Times, and Travel + Leisure.
Solgaard’s focus on sustainability also speaks to their legitimacy. The company works with certified-sustainable factories and is committed to using eco-friendly materials like recycled nylon, vegan leather, and even recycled ocean plastic for some of their products.

In addition, all of their products are covered by a lifetime warranty.
So if you’re looking for a reliable, sustainable brand for your travels, Solgaard is definitely worth considering. Their products are well-made, stylish, and backed by a lifetime guarantee – what more could you ask for?

Is Solgaard Worth It?

Yes! Solgaard is a great choice for travelers looking for high-quality, stylish, and sustainable luggage and traveling equipment. The products are reasonably priced, with a wide variety of options to suit different needs. Plus, the company’s commitment to sustainability and ethical production make it a top pick.

So if you’re in the market for new luggage or travel accessories, Solgaard is worth considering.


The Solgaard range of luggage, bags, and accessories are stylish, modern, and full of features. It’s a great option for those looking to invest in a quality bag that will protect their items while they travel. The Lifepack Backpack is especially impressive, with its anti-theft design and the Carry-On Closet Plus making it a great way to organize your belongings for long trips.

Overall, Solgaard is a great choice for those looking for a safe, secure, and stylish luggage solution.

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