Goose Creek Candles Review – Why You Should Think Twice Before Buying

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Goose Creek Candles Review – Why You Should Think Twice Before Buying

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If you’re looking to buy a candle, Goose Creek Candles may be on your radar. But before you add one to your shopping cart, you should read this review.

We’ll take an in-depth look at the quality, scent, price, and customer service of Goose Creek Candles to help you decide if they are the right choice for you.

So whether you’re looking for a special gift or just a cozy addition to your home, make sure to read this review before you buy.

Overview of Goose Creek Candles

Goose Creek Candles Review - Why You Should Think Twice Before Buying

Goose Creek Candle is a leading manufacturer of scented candles, offering a wide selection of different products with an astonishing 300+ fragrances.

The company was founded in 1998 by Chuck Meece in Liberty, Kentucky and has since grown to become a global brand. All of their products are made with high-quality ingredients and materials that contain no harmful chemicals, making them a safe and reliable choice for any home.

With an extensive range of fragrances and candle types, Goose Creek Candles has something for everyone.

Pros and cons

-IFRA-approved candles that contain no harmful chemicals or other ingredients

-Variety of different, fun scents, all of them safe for your home

-35+ hour burn time

-Lead-free, 100% cotton wicks

-Candles are nearly half the cost of competitors

-No international shipping from company website

-Some customer complaints about slow shipping or reports of scents being too fragrant

Goose Creek Candles Large Jar Candles Review

The brand has a wide range of large jar candles with a variety of scents. Some of the most popular fragrances include their Oud, Peppermint, Patchouli Leaves, Exhilarating Pineapple, Georgia Peach, and Unicorn Candy.

Their Oud Large 3-Wick Candle is made with a blend of woody and floral notes and is a perfect combination for relaxation. It has an uplifting scent that’s sure to fill any room in the house with its pleasant aroma.

The Peppermint Large Jar Candle features cool and refreshing peppermint which is known for its stimulating properties. The smell is reminiscent of Christmas and will evoke festive feelings in the air.
The Patchouli Leaves Large Jar Candle has a slightly sweet smell and is ideal for aromatherapy.

It will fill your space with a soothing atmosphere while providing you with a relaxing effect.
Their Exhilarating Pineapple Large Jar Candle has a tropical scent that will make you feel like you’re on vacation!

Its sweet and citrusy aroma will invigorate and energize your senses.
The Georgia Peach Large Jar Candle will transport you to the warm southern states! The sweet aroma of peach is perfect for those who love to indulge in nature’s bounty.

Last but not least, the Unicorn Candy Large 3-Wick Candle smells like cotton candy, creating a light and joyful atmosphere that is sure to captivate all your senses.

All these fragrances come in a large, 15-ounce container that can burn up to 150 hours. They are also made with high-quality, non-toxic wax for a clean burn and pleasant scent.

Goose Creek Candles Patchouli Leaves Large Jar Candle Review

The Goose Creek Patchouli Leaves Large Jar Candle is a delightfully fragrant candle that will transport you to an exotic garden. Its subtle yet strong scent fills the air with hints of woody patchouli, wild green leaves, sandalwood, and white cashmere.

This candle is perfect for those who love the scent of patchouli, as well as those looking for a more subtle scent. The blend of natural ingredients creates a beautiful aroma that is sure to please.
The scent of this candle is long-lasting and does not overpower the room.

Even after you have blown out the candle, the fragrance lingers for a few hours. The burn time on this candle is approximately 70 hours, which is perfect for large rooms or extended relaxation sessions.

What’s more, the candle is made from all-natural soy wax, ensuring that it burns cleanly and safely. It also contains a lead-free cotton wick, providing a consistent and even burn. The glass jar is made from recycled materials and can be easily reused once the candle has burned down.

Overall, we are thoroughly impressed with the Goose Creek Patchouli Leaves Large Jar Candle. Not only is it wonderfully fragrant, but it also burns cleanly and safely. We highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an exotic, earthy scent.

Goose Creek Candles Peppermint Large Jar Candle Review

Goose Creek Candles’ Peppermint Large Jar Candle is a great holiday-scented candle to use all year round. The mix of peppermint, vanilla, and honey creates a sweet and refreshing aroma that makes it perfect for the holiday season.

It’s also a great way to enjoy the scent of the season if you can’t find or don’t want to buy any real peppermint candles. The price is also quite reasonable, costing only $28. The only downside of this candle is that it isn’t available in any other size, so you will have to purchase a few if you want to fill your house with the scent.

However, if you are looking for a great holiday-scented candle, the Peppermint Large Jar Candle from Goose Creek Candles is a great choice.

Goose Creek Candles Exhilarating Pineapple Large Jar Candle Review

The Exhilarating Pineapple Large Jar Candle is a great addition to any room that needs a tropical and inviting atmosphere. The candle has an alluring scent of freshly cut pineapple and complementary notes of sugar water, seaside rain, lemon, and vanilla.

It fills the air with an aroma of paradise that will transport you to a beach vacation!
The candle comes in an attractive glass jar that’s decorated with pineapples and tropical leaves. The jar is also reusable and refillable with Goose Creek’s fragrances.

The lid helps keep the fragrance in and prevent dust and dirt from entering the jar.
The candle burns for up to 50 hours, which means you’ll get more use out of it than most other candles on the market. It is also made from 100% natural soy wax and lead-free cotton wicks, so it is both eco-friendly and safe for your home.

Overall, we found that the Exhilarating Pineapple Large Jar Candle by Goose Creek is a great choice for anyone who wants to bring a touch of paradise into their home. It looks beautiful, smells great, and lasts longer than other candles on the market. At only $28, it is definitely worth the investment!

Goose Creek Candles Georgia Peach Large Jar Candle Review

If you’re looking for a sweet and tangy scent to fill your home, the Goose Creek Candles Georgia Peach Large Jar Candle is a great option. The jar candle gives off a delicious aroma of orchards, sweet summer rain, orange, mango, and grapefruit, which will definitely make you feel like you’re in a beautiful summer paradise.

Plus, it’s on sale right now so you can save money while you’re at it! All in all, it’s a great candle to buy if you want to bring some summer fun into your home.

Goose Creek Candles 3 Wick Candles Review

The 3-wick candles from Goose Creek have a great scent throw and will fill up any room with their aroma. The quality of the wax is excellent, and the candles will burn evenly and cleanly. They are available in a range of scents, including fruit, florals, woodsy, and earthy, so you’re sure to find something that suits your taste.

The size of the 3-wick candles makes them ideal for larger rooms and they will last a long time – up to 35 hours or more. The wicks are lead-free, so you don’t have to worry about any toxic fumes being released into the air as you burn the candle.

Overall, the 3-wick candles from Goose Creek are a great choice if you’re looking for a candle that will fill a larger area with its scent. The wax is of high quality, the wicks are lead-free, and the scent throw is excellent. Plus, the candles will last up to 35 hours, so you’ll get your money’s worth.

Goose Creek Candles Oud Large 3-Wick Candle Review

If you are looking for a candle that captures the essence of nature, look no further than Goose Creek Candles Oud Large 3-Wick Candle. It combines several scents to create an incredibly unique fragrance. The combination of eucalyptus, amber, bergamot, patchouli, cypress, and underlying woodsy scents creates a unique and inviting aroma.

The Oud Large 3-Wick Candle is made with all natural soy wax and essential oils, ensuring a long-lasting and clean burn. The candle also has a beautiful wood grain exterior that adds to the outdoorsy feel. The wax melts evenly, releasing the scent with each burn. The scent lingers in the room even after the flame is extinguished.

This candle is great value for money at only $12, marked down from $26. The burn time is approximately 40-45 hours and it creates a calming ambience. Whether you want to create a cozy winter vibe or simply bring the outdoors in, this candle is the perfect choice.

Goose Creek Candles Tobacco Large 3-Wick Candle Review

The Tobacco Large 3-Wick candle from Goose Creek Candles is perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Its richly layered aroma of air-dried tobacco, patchouli, vanilla, and cedarwood bring a nostalgic feeling of comfort reminiscent of your grandfather’s study.

This fragrant scent will last up to 50 hours, giving you plenty of time to enjoy it.
The wax used to make the Goose Creek Candle Tobacco Large 3-Wick Candle is eco-friendly, ensuring that you’re not compromising on your sustainability goals. The cotton wick adds to the overall high quality of the product and its ability to burn evenly and slowly.

The size of the jar gives you maximum value, especially since it is currently discounted to just $12.
Overall, this product is an excellent choice if you want to create a cozy atmosphere at home with a calming and relaxing scent. The wax burns cleanly and slowly, giving you hours of use from a single candle. Highly recommended.

Goose Creek Candles Unicorn Candy Large 3-Wick Candle Review

The Unicorn Candy Large 3-Wick Candle by Goose Creek Candles is a great choice for any room. The candle comes in a beautiful blue color and is made with premium grade paraffin wax with a lead-free wick. It has a burn time of up to 40 hours and has a powerful scent throw that can fill up a room easily.

The scent of the Unicorn Candy Large 3-Wick Candle is a delicious combination of sour candy and sugar with prominent notes of blue raspberry, rock candy, and peach creme. It is a sweet and playful scent that is sure to put a smile on your face.

When it comes to quality, this candle does not disappoint. The wax is carefully poured into the glass jar and there is no risk of the wick or wax spilling over the side. The burn time is also impressive and you will get the full 40 hours if you maintain the candle properly.

In conclusion, the Unicorn Candy Large 3-Wick Candle by Goose Creek Candles is a great choice for any room. With its delightful scent and excellent quality, this candle is sure to bring joy and light to any space.

Goose Creek Candles Lavender & Vanilla Aromatherapy Candle Review

The Lavender & Vanilla Aromatherapy Candle from Goose Creek is a delightfully soothing candle. It contains natural essential oils and a mix of soy wax that helps to relax your senses as it burns.

The scent of lavender is complemented by the subtle notes of bergamot, cedarwood, and tonka bean, making for an all-around relaxing atmosphere.
You can get up to 60 hours of use from this candle, making it a great value for its price. Not only does it smell great, but it also serves as a pleasant addition to any room in your home.

This is one candle you’ll want to keep around for those special moments when you need some extra relaxation.

Goose Creek Candles Black Cherry Wax Melt Review

The Black Cherry Wax Melt by Goose Creek Candle offers a fruity, sweet and spicy scent that will immediately bring a smile to your face. The scent combines black cherry fragrance oil with tart plum and crisp apple to create a delightful aroma that can fill up an entire room with just one melt.

Not only does this wax melt smell amazing, but it also comes at a great price. At only $3 per wax melt, you can get up to 80 hours of fragrance out of each one!
The wax melts come in a small round container that is easily broken down into 6 cubes.

To use, you simply break off 1 or 2 cubes and put them into your wax warmer and enjoy! These wax melts are also highly rated, with many customers noting how strong the scent was when used.

Overall, the Black Cherry Wax Melt from Goose Creek Candle is a great way to add some amazing scent to your home. Not only is it incredibly affordable, but it also smells absolutely divine! Whether you’re looking for a fruity scent or something more spicy, the Black Cherry Wax Melt has something for everyone.

Goose Creek Candles Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

On TrustPilot, out of 832 reviews, Goose Creek Candles has a 4.6/5-star rating. Customers praise the customer service provided by Goose Creek, and also comment on how their products smell great without being overpowering.

On Reddit, users have overwhelmingly positive feedback on the brand’s wax melts, with most customers commenting that the scent is strong and lasts a long time.
Overall, it appears that Goose Creek candles are worth it for many customers who have tried them.

They enjoy the range of scents, excellent customer service, and strong fragrances that aren’t overwhelming. With the vast range of products and their positive reviews, Goose Creek Candles can be an excellent choice for those looking to freshen up their homes.

Is Goose Creek Candles Worth It?

All in all, Goose Creek candles are worth it. The company provides a safe and enjoyable experience with their wide range of products and fragrances.

They are committed to providing the highest quality of scents, with many customers being pleased with the strong aromas. If you’re looking for a good candle, we definitely recommend trying out Goose Creek candles.


Goose Creek Candles is a great choice for people looking for unique, high-quality candles. Their wide selection of fragrances and sizes ensures that you’ll find something to suit your tastes. Their large jar and 3-wick candles offer a long-lasting scent, while the wax melts provide a quick and easy way to enjoy your favorite scents.

Based on customer reviews, Goose Creek Candles provides quality products with great customer service. While their prices may be higher than some competitors, their candles are worth the cost for those seeking an exquisite candle experience.

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