Diabetic Sock Club Review – Why You Must Read This Before Buying

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Diabetic Sock Club Review – Why You Must Read This Before Buying

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Are you considering purchasing diabetic socks for yourself or a loved one? Diabetic socks are designed to provide comfort, support, and protection for those with diabetes. With such wide varieties, deciding which socks are best can be difficult.

To help make your decision easier, we’ve compiled a comprehensive review of the Diabetic Sock Club. In this review, we’ll look at the features and benefits of the socks, as well as provide our honest opinion on whether they are worth the investment.

About Diabetic Sock Club

Diabetic Sock Club Review - Why You Must Read This Before Buying

Diabetic Sock Club is an online sock retailer specializing in socks for people with diabetes. The company was founded by diabetic foot care specialist and certified orthotist Steve Spilman in 2017 to provide people with diabetes with comfortable and stylish socks.

Their socks feature a unique design designed for people with diabetes to help reduce the risk of skin irritation, sores, and infections.

Diabetic Sock Club carries a variety of styles of socks, including cotton diabetic ankle socks, cotton diabetic crew socks, and over-the-calf compression socks. All their socks are made with high-quality materials and feature a non-binding top band to provide comfort and reduce the risk of circulation issues.

Additionally, each pair comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free exchanges if you’re unhappy with your purchase.

If you’re looking for socks specially designed for those with diabetes, Diabetic Sock Club is a great option. With their high-quality materials, non-binding top band, and 100% satisfaction guarantee, they provide people with diabetes with stylish and comfortable socks to help keep their feet healthy.

Pros and cons of Diabetic Sock Club

Physician-approved solutions for diabetes, circulatory problems, edema, and neuropathy

Minimizes odor, prevents blisters, and wicks away moisture

Available in a variety of colors and styles

One-year replacement guarantee

Subscription program available

Some reviewers noted they wanted to speak to a customer service rep over the phone but weren’t able to

Cotton Diabetic Ankle Socks

The Cotton Diabetic Ankle Socks offer a secure fit and maximum breathability for everyday wear and active lifestyles. The cushioned sole provides extra protection to help reduce stress on your feet, and the blend of cotton, polyester, and Lycra make them an ultra-comfortable option.

These socks feature a wide, non-binding top with extra stretch for maximum comfort and to help prevent blisters and reduce odor. With a variety of colors to choose from, the Cotton Diabetic Ankle Socks are perfect for anyone looking for reliable diabetic socks for daily use or athletic activities.

Cotton Diabetic Crew Socks

90% cotton and 7% polyester blend

Cushioned sole

Smooth toe seam

Non-binding top for extra stretch

Stay-up technology

Pack of 6 pairs in a variety of colors

Currently on sale for $24.

Ultra-Soft Upper Calf Diabetic Socks

• 95% acrylic and 5% lycra
• Seamless and non-constricting
• Moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties
• Stay comfortably above the calf with stay-up technology
• Pack of 4, available in white, black, or assorted
• Running in sizes 7-15
• Price: $24 (reduced from $40).

Over-the-Calf Compression Socks

The Diabetic Sock Club’s Over Calf Compression Socks provide superior support to your legs. These socks promote circulation, prevent swelling, and reduce leg fatigue. The compression technology helps provide maximum comfort and support for people with diabetes or those who work long hours on their feet.

Made with a combination of cotton, nylon, and spandex fabric, these socks are designed to keep you comfortable all day. The spandex fabric helps retain shape over time, and the nylon adds breathability for a more pleasant wearing experience. The sock is designed with cushioning along the foot, ankle, and calf for extra protection.

The wide top band ensures a secure fit that won’t slip down your legs.
These socks are available in various sizes and colors so that you can find the perfect pair for you. They come in black, white, navy blue, charcoal gray, and brown, and sizes range from small to extra-large.

If you suffer from diabetic neuropathy or want to stay comfortable standing or walking for long periods, the Diabetic Sock Club’s Over Calf Compression Socks are an excellent choice. With superior comfort, breathability, and support, you’ll be sure to stay comfortable no matter where life takes you.

Diabetic Sock Club Bundles

The bundles are available in a few varieties. You can get nine pairs of the Classic Ankle Socks, 12 pairs of the Cotton Diabetic Ankle Socks, 15 pairs of the Over the Calf Compression Socks, 18 pairs of the Cotton Diabetic Crew Socks, and the Ultra-Soft Upper Calf Diabetic Socks.

As for the pricing, it’s pretty reasonable. The 9-pair bundle of the Classic Ankle Socks is $39.99, increasing as you add more pairs to your bundle. For example, the 12-pair bundle of the Cotton Diabetic Ankle Socks is $47.99, while the 15-pair bundle of the Over the Calf Compression Socks is $59.99.

The bundles make it easy to stock up on diabetic socks without buying single pairs or packs at a time. You can also mix and match to create your own customized diabetic sock bundle. All bundles come with free shipping, so you don’t have to worry about additional costs to deliver your socks to your door.

If you’re someone who wants to keep their sock supply well-stocked, Diabetic Sock Club bundles are a great option. They offer a convenient way to get several pairs of socks at once and deliver them directly to your door. Plus, you’ll be able to save money on each pair by purchasing a bundle instead of buying individual pairs or packs.

Diabetic Sock Club Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Regarding the reviews on Diabetic Sock Club, most customers have been overwhelmingly positive. One customer said: “The socks fit great and are very comfortable. The compression is just right, and they seem to help with circulation.

I wear them every day.” Another customer commented: “I recently purchased a pair of diabetic crew socks from Diabetic Sock Club, which are amazing! The material is so soft, and the socks stay in place, which makes them perfect for work. Highly recommend!”

Customers love Diabetic Sock Club products for their comfort, quality, and helpfulness. The reviews demonstrate that customers who have purchased from Diabetic Sock Club highly recommend them to others who may be looking for diabetes-friendly socks.

Not only do these reviews indicate satisfaction among customers, but they also point out the importance of wearing specialty socks for those with diabetes. It’s well known that proper foot care is essential in managing diabetes, but having the correct socks can make a huge difference.

Wearing correctly fitting diabetic socks can reduce the risk of blisters, sores, and other foot complications associated with this condition. Furthermore, by providing extra cushioning around your feet, these socks can also increase comfort levels when standing or walking for extended periods.

In addition to being comfortable and beneficial for people with diabetes, Diabetic Sock Club also stands out due to its affordability. Customers report finding value in their purchases, as many socks come at reasonable prices. As many people with diabetes need to replace their socks frequently

Is Diabetic Sock Club Worth It?

The answer is a resounding yes! Diabetic Sock Club is worth it if you’re looking for superior diabetic socks and other products for your feet. The materials are of the highest quality, and the designs are thoughtfully crafted to provide optimum comfort and style.

Customers report having fewer problems with their feet and overall health and feeling more comfortable when wearing them. As mentioned, the prices are competitive, meaning you’ll get outstanding value.

Overall, Diabetic Sock Club is an excellent choice for people with diabetes and anyone looking for reliable, stylish, and comfortable socks. With such positive customer reviews, we can confidently say this brand is worth it.


The Diabetic Sock Club is an excellent choice for anyone with diabetes or circulatory issues. Their products are comfortable, high-quality, and affordable. The Cotton Diabetic Ankle and Crew Socks are great options for everyday wear, while the Over the Calf Compression Socks and Ultra-Soft Upper Calf Diabetic Socks are perfect for more specific needs. The Diabetic Sock Club Bundles make it easy to get a variety of sizes and styles in one package.

The customer reviews of the Diabetic Sock Club are overwhelmingly positive, with many users expressing that their feet feel better than ever. Customers appreciate the comfort and quality of the socks and are happy with their purchase.

Based on these factors, we can confidently say that the Diabetic Sock Club is worth it. Not only are their products comfortable and high-quality, but they are also affordable and come with excellent customer service. If you are looking for diabetic socks to help keep your feet healthy, look no further than the Diabetic Sock Club!

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