Barbell Apparel Review: Read This Before You Buy

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Barbell Apparel Review: Read This Before You Buy

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Are you looking for quality activewear that will last? Look no further than Barbell Apparel! Barbell Apparel is an innovative activewear company that creates well-made, stylish clothes designed to fit and flatter any body type.

In this Barbell Apparel review, we’ll cover everything you need to know before buying, including product quality, sizing, and customer service.

Read on to find out why Barbell Apparel is the best choice for your activewear needs.

About Barbell Apparel

Barbell Apparel Review: Read This Before You Buy

Barbell Apparel is an athletic fashion company based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2013 by Tanner Bayne and Tony Brandenburg, the brand has become an industry leader in the athletic fashion scene with their signature Straight Athletic Fit jeans.

The brand was thrust into the spotlight after appearing on Shark Tank and raising a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014. Their revolutionary jeans were designed with athletes in mind and are made to be highly flexible and comfortable.

The brand has grown from jeans to a full line of clothing items like shorts, shirts, sweaters, leggings, activewear, and more. They offer men’s and women’s styles and cater to all body types by offering sizes ranging from XS-3XL.

Pros of Barbell Apparel

Barbell Apparel offers an extensive line of sports and casualwear clothing specifically designed to accommodate athletes of different sizes and shapes. Their unique fit is crafted for those who prefer a more snug or loose fit, allowing customers to find the perfect fit for them.

The line also includes international shipping, making it easy for customers to access their products no matter where they live.

Regarding payment options, Barbell Apparel provides customers with a wide selection of payment methods, such as Apple pay, PayPal, Google Pay, and others. This makes it easier for customers to shop without worrying about being unable to afford the items they want.

The clothing itself is made with quality materials that provide comfort and flexibility. Whether you’re working out or just relaxing at home, Barbell Apparel ensures you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing.

Customers have been delighted with the quality of their products and have given positive brand ratings. This means those who buy from Barbell Apparel can rest assured that they’re getting quality clothes at a fair price.

Cons of Barbell Apparel

Although Barbell Apparel offers clothes tailored for fitness enthusiasts, some cons are associated with the brand. The primary disadvantage is that not many external ratings or reviews are available to help customers decide whether Barbell Apparel is worth the investment.

Furthermore, some customers have noted that Barbell Apparel can be considered expensive compared to other brands.

Barbell Apparel Men’s Clothing Review

Barbell Apparel Straight Athletic Fit in Dark Indigo – If you’re looking for a piece that offers ultimate comfort and classic style, this is it. Featuring a straight-cut fit and a dark indigo color, this shirt is made from four-way stretch material, offering an unbeatable range of motion. Perfect for any occasion or event.

Barbell Apparel Starter Long Sleeve in Black – Looking for a versatile long-sleeve option? This one is perfect for any man’s wardrobe. With a 4-way stretch, sweat-wicking properties, and a tailored fit, this shirt can be worn to the gym or for a night out.

Barbell Apparel Slim Athletic Fit in Dark Wash – It doesn’t get better! Made from a lightweight fabric, this slim-fit shirt is both breathable and moisture-wicking. The dark wash adds an extra style and sophistication, making it perfect for your next social event.

Barbell Apparel Straight Athletic Fit in Dark Indigo Review

Barbell Apparel is the perfect choice for those looking to show off their gym-toned body in style. Their Straight Athletic Fit in Dark Indigo jeans provides a comfortable fit that emphasizes your curves and shows off your physique.

The jeans come in 10 different washes and range from sizes 26 to 40, so you can easily find a pair that fits your body. With extra room for hips and thighs, these jeans are designed to slim your legs and make you look your best.
These jeans also provide great comfort and flexibility, meaning they’re suitable for any occasion.

Coming in at $149, Barbell Apparel’s Straight Athletic Fit in Dark Indigo is an investment worth making for those looking for high-quality jeans that fit their lifestyle.

Barbell Apparel Motive Dress Shirt in Navy Review

Lastly, check out the Barbell Apparel Motive Dress Shirt in Navy for the perfect business look. Button-down and beautiful, this quickly kicks off any business or casual style. Once you’ve found the perfect size, check out the 14 different colors and patterns.

This single style might become a closet staple in no time. This flexible design rests comfortably against the chest and arms when battling odors, wrinkles, and sweat. Add one (or two) to the collection for $118.

Barbell Apparel Starter Long Sleeve In Black Review

The Barbell Apparel Starter Long Sleeve in Black is ideal for any man looking to upgrade their workout apparel. With soft and comfortable fabric that won’t shrink or fade, this shirt is an excellent addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

The fit is slim and athletic, so if you’re looking for a more loose-fitting top, this isn’t the right fit. It’s also slightly longer in the back, so those with longer torsos will find the perfect length.

The fabric of this shirt is lightweight and breathable, perfect for both workouts and everyday use. This piece is also sweat and odor resistant, making it an excellent choice for those hot days at the gym or running errands. Finally, its stylish design adds a subtle touch of style and makes this shirt an ideal piece for any occasion.

The Barbell Apparel Starter Long Sleeve in Black is an excellent addition to any man’s wardrobe. It’s comfortable, stylish, and perfect for any active lifestyle. The price tag of $28 might seem steep, but this piece will surely last and make you feel confident no matter what you’re doing.

Barbell Apparel Women’s Clothing Review

Barbell Apparel provides women with fashionable and functional clothing for any occasion. They have you covered whether you’re hitting the gym, going out on the town, or just looking to stay comfortable while running errands.

Their denim jeans, shorts, and skirts come in various styles and fits, including slim and athletic. They also carry a variety of leggings and joggers, perfect for hitting the gym or taking a leisurely walk.

In addition to their clothing options, Barbell Apparel also carries accessories to help complete your look. They offer items from tank tops and sports bras to belts and backpacks to fit any lifestyle. In addition to their clothing and accessories, they also provide shoes designed specifically for workouts.

Their famous “Form” shoes come in various colors and styles, perfect for any activity.
When it comes to style, Barbell Apparel does not disappoint. With vibrant colors, unique designs, and fashionable cuts, there’s something for everyone.

And with an array of sizes available, finding something to fit your frame is no problem. Their stylish yet comfortable clothes make them one of the top picks for fashion-conscious women.
Barbell Apparel has something for you, no matter what clothing you need.

Whether you’re looking for casual wear or gym gear, this brand has everything. With quality materials and fashionable designs, you’ll indeed find something that suits your needs and tastes. So check out their selection today and get ready to hit the gym in style!

Barbell Apparel Slim Athletic Fit in Dark Wash Review

The Barbell Apparel Slim Athletic Fit in Dark Wash is an ideal pair of jeans for any man who wants to make a bold fashion statement. With seven different washes available, you can find the perfect hue to match your wardrobe.

The jeans provide generous sizing and ample room for those thighs to flex, and they taper off at the knees for a slimming appearance. Moreover, the jeans sit comfortably at the hips, so your movements won’t be too restricted.

These jeans are perfect for any business or casual attire, and they won’t break the bank as they retail for $149. If you’re looking for a timeless piece that can transition easily between day and night looks, the Barbell Apparel Slim Athletic Fit in Dark Wash is a great option.

Barbell Apparel Barbell Crop Tee in Coral Review

The Barbell Apparel Barbell Crop Tee in Coral is a great way to show your support for the brand that cares. Crafted from a comfortable cotton/poly blend, this mid-crop tee features the classic logo that has been with the brand since its beginnings. The Coral color is just one of the many options for choosing the best shade for your wardrobe.

At a price point of $24, this piece is a must-have for any avid supporter of the brand.
When wearing this top, you’ll feel comfortable and confident. The lightweight fabric won’t weigh you down, and the slightly cropped cut lets you show off your shape. Whether heading to the gym or running errands, you’ll look stylish and on-trend with this piece.

The quality construction of the material also ensures that this top will last for years, making it an excellent investment for any fan of Barbell Apparel.
The Barbell Apparel Barbell Crop Tee in Coral is a great way to support the brand and show off your style. The quality construction and eye-catching color make it a great addition to any wardrobe.

Whether you’re headed to the gym or just out and about, you’ll look fashionable and feel confident when wearing this top.

Barbell Apparel Form Sports Bra in Rifle Green Review

For those looking for a reliable and comfortable sports bra, the Barbell Apparel Form Sports Bra in Rifle Green is worth considering. It is form-fitting and contains Flektek, a fabric designed to give extra support during your workout. Plus, it comes in 4 colors, so you have options.

This piece is extremely comfortable and supportive while still stylish enough to show off the results of your hard work. It’s worth $34 and can be a great addition to your workout wardrobe.

Barbell Apparel Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Barbell Apparel has earned a stellar reputation among customers for its high-quality and comfortable clothing. Across multiple reviews on the Barbell Apparel website, customers give the company’s apparel an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

The Relaxed Athletic Fit in Light Wash has over 420 ratings, averaging 4.7 stars. Customers appreciate the breathable material, perfect fit, and wide range of colors available. The Havok Polo in Cadet also has 745 ratings and an average of 4.8 stars.

Customers especially love the versatile look and relaxed fit of this shirt. The Ultralight Polo in Maroon receives a 4.7-star rating from 745, with customers praising the lightweight fabric and stylish cut.

The Slim Athletic Fit in Medium Distressed also receives 4.8 stars from over 140 ratings, with customers appreciating the soft, stretchy material and snug fit. The Motive Dress Shirt in Black is also highly rated, receiving 4.9 stars from nearly 110 reviews.

Customers love the sophisticated look and wrinkle-resistant material.
Overall, Barbell Apparel has received a ton of positive reviews from customers. Cus on quality and comfort are what sets them off from other brands.

Is Barbell Apparel Worth It?

Overall, Barbell Apparel is an excellent option for anyone looking for fashionable gym clothing. They offer a wide selection of items with comfortable, flattering fits and bright colors to help you stand out in the gym.

The sizing chart and customer reviews make finding the perfect fit for your body type easy, and the company provides excellent customer service for any questions or concerns. If you’re looking for a new brand of clothing to wear to the gym, Barbell Apparel is an excellent choice.


If you’re looking for quality and comfortable clothing that lasts long, then Barbell Apparel is a great choice. With a range of styles to choose from, there’s something for everyone. The material is durable and designed to fit your body type, giving you the perfect fit.

The Barbell Apparel reviews prove the brand stands behind its product, offering excellent customer service and satisfaction. Whether looking for a stylish dress shirt or an athletic fit, Barbell Apparel covers you. If you’re in the market for quality apparel, then Barbell Apparel is a great option.

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