Angela Scott review – Why you should read this before buying

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Angela Scott review – Why you should read this before buying

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Are you thinking of buying a pair of shoes from Angela Scott, but don’t know if it’s worth your hard-earned money? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

This blog post is a comprehensive review of Angela Scott’s shoe collection, offering you an honest insight into the quality and design of their shoes.

So, if you’re in the market for some stylish and comfortable shoes, then you should read this review before making your purchase.

About Angela Scott

Angela Scott review - Why you should read this before buying

Angela Scott is a female-owned and operated shoe brand, founded in 2010 by Angela Scott, who saw a need for high-end, comfortable, and stylish shoes in the marketplace.

Angela’s mission is to make shoes that are as “unique as the women who wear them”, and her designs reflect a commitment to creating one-of-a-kind pieces of footwear that embody both comfort and style.

The Office of Angela Scott’s designs has been featured in many popular publications such as Vogue, Marie Claire, and Harper’s Bazaar.

The company is committed to sustainability and ethical production practices, with all shoes handmade by skilled artisans in their Los Angeles factory.

The shoes are constructed with durable materials and timeless designs that will stand up to any test of time.

Whether you’re looking for a classic Oxford style or a more modern take on a boot or sneaker, Angela Scott has something for everyone.

From practical slip-ons to statement heels and everything in between, you’ll find quality and style combined with comfort at the Office of Angela Scott.

Overview of Angela Scott

Angela Scott is a brand dedicated to empowering women through the production of handmade shoes in Portugal.

Founded in 2012 by Angela Scott, the brand seeks to provide comfortable and stylish footwear for women in a traditionally male-dominated world.

The shoes are made with sustainability in mind and are designed to be reliable, meaning that they can last a lifetime.

The shoes are designed by women for women to be comfortable enough for everyday wear and look good enough for work or dressing up.


Angela Scott is an online shoe store that offers a unique blend of quality, comfort, and beauty.

They are dedicated to creating shoes that are timeless and stylish enough to stand the test of time. Furthermore, they prioritize women’s empowerment and strive to create a better working environment for their employees.

When it comes to their products, Angela Scott shoes come with a variety of features that make them well worth the price.

Firstly, customers have the option to use Shop Pay financing, making the purchase even more affordable. Secondly, Angela Scott offers free shipping in the US for orders over $50.

Lastly, some of their shoes are resolvable, meaning that you can have them re-soled when they start to wear down.

Moreover, their shoes are designed with both comfort and beauty in mind. Many of their shoes are made from high-quality materials, so you can work in them all day without feeling any discomfort.

Additionally, there are wide sizes available on some of the shoes, making them accessible to everyone.

If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, Angela Scott has limited-edition boots.

These special designs come in different colors and textures, allowing you to stand out from the crowd while wearing them.

Overall, Angela Scott offers something for everyone when it comes to shoes. With their variety of features and styles, you’ll be sure to find the perfect shoe for you.

Angela Scott Shoes Review

Ms. Jane Oxford is one of Angela Scott’s most popular shoes, and for good reason. This lace-up oxford is made of leather with a synthetic sole.

The shoe features an almond toe shape and a stacked leather heel that adds extra height without being too uncomfortable. The interior is made of soft leather lining, providing extra comfort and breathability.

The Mr. Logan Oxford is the perfect shoe for the modern professional. It has a classic silhouette with a twist—instead of traditional laces, this shoe has a zipper closure in the back.

It’s made of black calf leather and has a subtle suede heel counter for extra durability. The inside is lined with microfiber for added comfort.

The Mr. Doubt Oxford is a modern take on the classic oxford. It has an almond toe shape and a chunky rubber sole for extra traction.

The upper is made of premium Italian leather, while the lining is breathable leather that wicks away sweat and moisture. The classic lace-up closure keeps your foot secure throughout the day.

Finally, Mrs. Angela Boot is an eye-catching yet practical boot. It has an almond toe and a chunky rubber sole for extra grip and stability.

The upper is made of distressed leather, giving it a uniquely worn-in look. It also features a side zipper for easy on and off and a pull tab on the back for added convenience.

The interior is lined with soft leather for superior comfort and breathability.

Angela Scott Ms. Jane Oxford Review

Ms. Jane Oxford is a beautiful shoe that is sure to draw attention. It features a classic oxford silhouette combined with modern elements like the removable black kiltie.

The design is eye-catching and sophisticated and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

The cork midsole ensures comfort, as it conforms to your foot and keeps it dry and odorless. Additionally, they are available in both wide and true-to-size versions, so you can find the perfect fit for your foot.

The price tag of $695 may seem high, but considering the quality materials and craftsmanship that goes into each pair of shoes, it’s worth every penny.

Angela Scott Mr. Logan Oxford Review

The Angela Scott Mr. Logan Oxford shoes are a great choice for those looking to add a classic touch to their wardrobe.

The simple design and versatile look make them perfect for pairing with any outfit, from jeans to a business suit.

The replaceable rubber soles provide plenty of comforts, while the leather and stitching give the shoes a luxurious finish.

With the ability to wear the bow above or below the buckle, these shoes can be styled to fit the occasion.

Although they come at a slightly higher price point, they are well worth the investment if you’re looking for a timeless style that will last for years.

Angela Scott Mr. Doubt Oxford Review

The Angela Scott Mr. Doubt Oxford is the perfect shoe for anyone who wants to make a bold statement with their wardrobe.

The bold colors and distinctive style of the shoes make them eye-catching pieces, no matter where you wear them.

These shoes are constructed from premium leather and are incredibly comfortable to wear, making them perfect for the dance floor or a long day at the office.

The thick sole provides excellent cushioning and support, while the perforated detailing gives it a unique touch.

For those looking to make a fashion statement, Mr. Doubt Oxford is an excellent choice. The unique color combinations and plaid details stand out and make these shoes unique.

Plus, they come in a range of colors and styles, so you’re sure to find one that suits your style.

At $550, these shoes are a bit of an investment, but if you’re looking for a stylish wingtip that won’t break the bank, the Mr. Doubt Oxford is the perfect option.

Angela Scott Mrs. Angela Boot Review

Mrs. Angela Boot is a great addition to the Angela Scott lineup. It is an excellent combination of fashion and function, with a classic design that adds a modern touch.

The upper is made from premium full-grain leather, which gives it a unique look and feel. The punch in a circular pattern on the dark stripes is an eye-catching feature that sets the boot apart from others.

The boot is lined with a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry, and the lug sole provides great traction and durability.

The taper at the bottom of the upper gives the boot a sleeker look and makes it comfortable to wear.

Overall, the Angela Scott Mrs. Angela Boot is a stylish and functional boot that looks great with any outfit.

It’s comfortable to wear, with a waterproof lining and a lug sole for extra grip. It’s worth the price tag!

Angela Scott Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Customers seem to be overwhelmingly positive about the Angela Scott brand. On the brand’s website, customer reviews are almost all 5/5 stars.

They praise the comfort of the shoes and appreciate their quality and craftsmanship.

Off-site reviews are also overwhelmingly positive, with customers commenting on how comfortable and stylish they find the shoes.

One customer described the Ms. Jane Oxford as “an absolute dream to wear,” while another said that the Mr. Logan Oxford was “the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn.”

Overall, it seems that customers have nothing but good things to say about Angela Scott.

From the look of things, the brand is living up to its promise of high-quality, handmade shoes that provide unparalleled comfort and style.

Is Angela Scott Worth It?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. As I mentioned before, the brand has a great reputation and the shoes they produce are of a high quality that you can trust.

They are well-made and stylish, so you can feel confident in wearing them.

Plus, you’re likely to get more wear out of your pair of Angela Scott shoes than you would with any other luxury shoe brand.

In short, Angela Scott’s shoes are worth the price.


Angela Scott’s shoes are stylish and high quality. They are made with the best materials to ensure maximum comfort and longevity.

The shoes have been reviewed positively by customers and there is no doubt that Angela Scott provides an excellent product.

The attention to detail, craftsmanship, and style make Angela Scott a great choice for those looking for fashionable footwear.

If you’re looking for a high-end shoe that is both comfortable and stylish, Angela Scott is the way to go.

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